About Us

New Chuma Craft Fabricators at a glance

After observing how many welders and metal fabrication specialists who own their own shops worked their way up the ladder to succeed in life, Jared, owner of New Chuma Craft Fabricators, saw the need for practical information about building successful welding and fabrication business from the ground up. He decided that he was going to start a business that will not just create metal products for people but help them in their own homes or with the projects that required his expertise as an experienced welder.

Jared also believes that any welding business owner needs to understand the rule of the game otherwise welding will be a story you will tell to your kids, how that a bad job took away your eyes made you regret the rest of your life. Jared believes one needs to have a passion to help people always and a burning desire to succeed and enjoy dealing with people.

Who we are

New Chuma Craft  Fabricators is a team of fabricators in Nairobi, Kenya. Our services and products are of great quality. We are fully equipped to offer quick and correct information regarding your delivery and order questions. We give our clients a personal touch.

Our simple way of doing things and quick response to customer needs in addition to our free consultancy set New Chuma Craft Fabricators above the rest. Contact us today and request a quote or find out how we can provide a solution for your specific needs.

Why Choose Us x

Professional Staff

Our team of fabrication experts will give you value for your money. You don’t need to worry. Just be curious about something good.

Detailed Estimates

Our costs for crafting your product and other costs are explained in depth. We tell you everything as it is so you understand what is required of you and us.

Client satisfaction

We follow the specifications as directed by our clients hence making it easy for us to meet our client’s needs.

No Hidden Cost

Our costs are straight forward and so our clients do not need to worry about what extra costs they may have to pay that is not indicated.

Save Time and Money

We are located next to the Ngong’ Karen highway therefore our clients don’t need to struggle to reach us and our quality products. We can also arrange transport for them and this saves them money much time and money.

On Time Completion

We always meet deadlines for doing our work. Unless otherwise and this we communicate with our beloved clients, we always deliver as promised.

How we work

For the successful execution of every project, we do effective planning and thorough preparation. We follow through with the process to make sure we deliver as required.



We define what our customer sees as “value,” and seek ways to achieve this throughout our work process.


Working with our experienced team, we streamline workflow by simplifying procedures to produce the intended result.


We recognize common sources of problems in the work process and correct them, reducing the risk of costly malfunctions later in the process.